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Antique Restoration

At Michelly Woodworking we specialize in Furniture Restoration and can provide you with any level of restoration service that you may need.  This can be anything from basic repairs to a complete refinish and restoration.  All of our work is done with high quality in mind.  For this reason, we are regularly entrusted with the restoration and conservation of fine antiques and heirlooms that you will be proud to pass down to succeeding generations of your family.


F. Scott Fitzgerald's Bed

This was F. Scott Fitzgerald's bed, author of "The Great Gatsby".  An early Renaissance Revival bed circa 1860 that we restored.


Victorian Walnut Sideboard

A walnut sideboard circa 1870.  Features carved fruit with inset bronze panels in the doors.  Originally found in a Boston Massachusetts women's college. Required a full restoration to bring it back to the original condition shown here.


R.J. Horner Library Table

A mahogany library table circa 1890, labeled R. J. Horner, New York that we restored.  This table was purchased by the Executive Office of the President during the administration of G. W. Bush and now resides in the White House in Washington DC.


Walnut Dining Table circa 1870

A beautiful Victorian walnut dining table, expandable to 10 feet that we restored.  Needed to be refinished and was missing all the leaves.  We created new skirted leaves and matched the banded veneer on the skirt itself.

Renaissance Revival Music Stand

We did a complete restoration on this Renaissance Revival music stand.  Constructed of walnut, with gilded and ebonized highlights, it was built in the last quarter of the 19th century.   This music stand was used in the movie "Main Street" starring Ellen Burstyn and Orlando Bloom.

  Victorian Stand - Circa 1875

When we received this Victorian stand attributed to Kimble and Cabus, it was missing a couple of parts which we re-created in our shop.  In addition the finish needed some attention as well.  The repairs were expertly blended into the stand resulting in an outstanding example.

Please contact us about any restoration services for your antique that you may need.

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